Svitlana Havenko

Date of birth: 15.09.1959

+38 (032) 235-75-77

Scientific Degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences since 2003, specialty 05.05.01 “Machines and Processes of Printing Production” (Ukrainian Academy of Printing).

Academic degree: Professor, 2004.

Member of Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Science, 2005.

Scientific achievements:

number of publications – more than 450 scientific and educational works, including 25 in journals indexed in databases (Web of Science Core Collection, Scopus).

number of patents and inventions for utility models – 69;

number of textbooks and tutorials – 12;

number of monographs – 8;

number of dictionaries – 1;

number of industry standards for book production -2

number of PhD students trained – 15.

Editor-in-Chief of the journal of scientific papers" Book Qualilogy".

Member of the editorial board of the journals of scientific papers “Technology and Technique of Typography", “Printing and Publishing", included in the international scientific database “Index Copernicus".

Badge “Excellence in Education”, 2019.