Book Qualilogy – the journal of scientific papers in technical sciences.

Foundation year: 1996

Language: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English.

Founder and governing body: Ukrainian Academy of Printing Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Registration at the ISSN International Centre: 2411-3611.

Certificate of state registration: as a printed media, the journal is registered in the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine (KB No 7649 dated July 30, 2003).

Included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine in which the results of dissertation papers for obtaining the scientific degrees of a doctor and a candidate of technical sciences (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated December 29, 2014, No. 1528) may be published.

The goal of the journal is to highlight topical theoretical and scientific-practical researches related to the problems of quality assessment of books and publishing and printing products, aspects of development of modern information systems and technologies, industrial engineering, applied mechanics, publishing and printing industry.


Publication of scientific research papers concerning the advanced trends of fundamental sciences, applied developments, implementation of innovative projects. The exchange of scientific ideas, research methodology and practical achievements.

The journal of scientific papers “Book Qualilogy" publishes the finished, original researches of Ukrainian and foreign scientists that have not been published earlier, as well as the proceedings of scientific conferences.

The pages of the journal of scientific papers “Book Qualilogy" contain the information on special scientific and technical conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, summaries, reviews and opinions on new study guides, textbooks and monographs, regulations, abstracts of scientific papers, as well as the information on important scientific events.

Main Scientific Directions of the Journal:


Information technologies and systems of publishing and printing production

  • Information technologies for the development and predictive assessment of the quality of books and electronic publications.
  • Information technologies for the development of service-oriented systems of online publishing houses.
  • System analysis and modelling of the processes of perception, processing and transmission of text and graphic information.
  • Electronic multimedia editions and latest media.
  • Information systems for managing the processes of publishing, printing and packaging production.

Methodological and practical aspects of quality assurance of publishing, printing and packaging production

• Methodology for evaluating the printing quality.

• Modelling of processes of printing media technologies.

• Technological quality assurance of printing and finishing processes of printing and packaging products.

• Anti-counterfeiting systems for publishing, printing and packaging products.

• Printing technologies for reproducing Braille information and evaluating their quality.

• Expertise of the quality of printing and packaging materials and products.

• Quality systems.

• Environmental safety of printing and packaging materials, products and production.

• Metrology and standardization of technological processes and products.

• Economic aspects of quality assurance.

Innovative technologies of printing mechanical engineering and applied mechanics

• Improvement of equipment and mechanisms in printing and packaging production.

• Research of kinematic and energy-power parameters of technological mechanisms.

• Research of tribological properties of materials and technological units, mechanisms, tools.


The Journal of the scientific papers “Book Qualilogy” is issued twice a year

Journal issue №

Expected date of the Journal publication


at the end of June


at the end of December

One of the main principles of the work of the editorial board is the clarity in the timing of the release of each current issue.

Presentation in the Internet:

Since 2008, all electronic versions of the journal have been deposited in the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I.Vernadsky, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and they are presented on the portal in the information resource “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” as well as on the official website of Ukrainian Academy of Printing.

Since 2014, the journal has been indexed by GoogleScholar.

The journal is included into Academic Resource Index ResearchBib